Where has bgmg been ?

  1. 9 months ago

    Ahoi sailors ! I've been gone for a month now and wanted to share part of my trip in the Mediterranean sea.

    Me and 7 other friends got ourselves a sail boat and went for a trip around Corsica.

    Our trip began on the coasts of France near Toulon where we got to experience good win and gentle sea. We managed to rack up 9.6kn of speed using an asymmetrical spinnaker. It's basically a giant sail that you atach to the front of the boat that replaces the front sail and provides more lift at certain wind angles only.

    During our tour around Corsica we dropped anchor at various creeks to stay for the night as ports were often too far away, not available, or too expensive to stay at ( a single night can cost up to 150$ : the price for safety basically).

    Going back to France once the tour was done was one hell of a challenge. Wind was directly in front of us (coming from our destination) meaning that we had to zig zag to have a correct wind angle, thus changing course by 150° every hour. Waves got bigger making the trip very uncomfortable and leading to 24hrs of continuous sailing. Sailing by night was one hell of an adventure.

    I've been sailing for over 10 years now and enjoy it a lot.
    Now that you know a little more about me - I'm interested in knowing what great adventures have y'all been through this summer. Feel free to share ^^

  2. Supremely jealous!

  3. That is indeed something tthat I'd love to do one day! You must have seen a lot of amazing landscapes during your trip, it must feel good to be travelling and discovering new places adventurously, and it's certainly great to know that you've had a lot of fun in the process - thanks for sharing the voyage :)

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