1. 4 months ago

    Hello everyone! I recently made 30 years (by monday, 26th of August). As that may sound simple and out of the blue, it surely was a great step for me as a person. I'm very happy that someone remembered this day and decided to make me this surprise <3

    I didn't know about anything at all and when my presence was requested, I figured something was funny out there, so, after attending to it, I decided to share the gorgeous things that were made on this day, and behind my back haha (these things cannot go unnoticed!)!

    So, this is what happened:

    The little shack that was built for me and a platform to admire the cake:


    I had this view to the cake that was offered to me:



    (As you may notice, it was chocolate... hmmmm... yes!)

    What kind of person would be too unorthodox not to enjoy this treat?

    ...but the Grand Finale was there after my birthday gift, which was here, in this box:


    ....and so the grand finale begins:


    ...the show keeps going




    That was unexpected!

    I love these things, as they give life to the server and added a little spice to what I live everyday on CraftyMynes.

    A BIG thanks to my friends @Nicnicnico and @bgmg (sadly, you weren't there to see it, bgmg) but that made my day!

    Things like these should not go unnoticed, and I throw my hat to such selfless deeds!

    Much love <3


  2. Happy belated birthday don! I hope it was a good one for you!

  3. I thought you liked that cake based house xD

    Kinda looks like it's oblierated(whatever you spell that word) off that spot. xD

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