I got Greifed :(

  1. 7 months ago
    Edited 7 months ago by Compos

    Oh i am so sad!

    I was working on the end road. and i go back to my base and all my hoppers are gone :(

    and they took my fancy enchanted books :(

    Makes me very frustrated and sad!

    I guess it is time for a break , and time to try build a more secluded base :(

    being raided adds so much more excitement to the game!

    a unexpected horrible surprise!

    I was playing on my alt in order to try to prevent my main from dying. but i guess it was not enough to keep my base safe :(

    "Keep it secret; Keep it safe"


  2. Big rip, there, I hope you have better luck basing elsewhere next time.
    See you soon o/

  3. Happens :/ hope your break isnt too long :) see ya soon jkeller!!

  4. The next base is going to be amazing! =)

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