Hello Happy people

  1. 7 months ago

    My vanilla urge has ended yet again and it just isn't entertaining to play anymore. Got a few .3 legendary sets (all enchants) and other goodies to give out.
    Might be back when the new update drops to check it out.
    Thought of doing a drop party for the stuff but that's kind of lame. Comment some suggestions such as hide and seek or other "mini games" such as a PvP battle for a set or something. Got a good amount of elytras, books and other stuff to give out.
    Probably going to do it all this weekend so watch out for that :)

  2. Edited 7 months ago by deyahruhd

    Speedrun the 2019 halloween maze. This has been a classic Team Eye tradition for the past 2 years .

    Fun fact - the 2018 maze's ladder parkour segment was specifically designed to be difficult so that mazerunners couldn't blaze through it (Baron himself added a dev route skipping that part since it was so difficult), and people were only permitted to do the maze once per account so that we couldn't rerun it over and over. But even with those restrictions it's a blast and a challenge to try to think outside of the box. Who knows what Baron will do for this year? ;^)

  3. muwahahaha >:D

  4. A good-ole Azrad style scavenger hunt.

  5. @RuthlessPilot A good-ole Azrad style scavenger hunt.

    Complete with calculus equations!

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