1. 8 months ago

    Hi I would like to start off by saying that I’m not against the rules and I see the value of having them in place. I don’t however understand why a server with toxic elements such as griefing, tp killing, lying, no claims, etc; would have strict policies against toxicity it just seems kind of ironic.

  2. Ronjob

    16 Oct 2019 Suspended

    u can be toxic but if u go to far u get banned

  3. There is a world of difference between playing the game on the dark side and making nasty comments to or about people. Racism, antisemitism and hate speech are unacceptable in any form, as is bullying in chat.

  4. This is a server with griefing / raiding enabled, as well as you can tp to whoever you wish, regardless you think them being friendly or not, and quoting from the rules, they state that "TPA Killing/Trapping is allowed.
    It's up to you whether or not you make or accept teleport requests. Use the TPA system at your own risk, make sure you trust the players you are teleporting to. If killed and/or your base gets destroyed, its your fault."
    This means that it is your responsibility to trust whoever you wish to.
    You should know from now on and learn whom is deem trustworthy or not, with time, just don't attack anyone personally, because this is a game and should always be played as one, that's the challenge there is, with time, you'll learn all about it. o/ See you soon

  5. So just wanna clarify, because I saw the other posts and the "guy who helped for a long time then killed me". I think you're talking about 2 different people. Because I was the one who was helping you out for a while. I brought you plenty of free supplies, I helped dig you out a base, I helped explain tp'ing out further would be better, I tp'd myself and ran to find you a more safe location, I tp'd you out to me, I tried to work on getting your dog to tp with us, and unfortunately, my internet went out. I didn't kill you....

  6. Dw Kopi not talking about you you were awesome and helped me a lot thank you hope to see you after the ban

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