1. 7 months ago

    It has come to our attention that players have been using an unintended feature of the tp system to find player bases. It has been discussed and decided, that though this may seem a reasonable scam at first glance, it constitutes an abuse of the tp system. Going forward this will be bannable as would any other unintended use of any feature on Craftymynes.

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    Dont accept tps you dont trust, brothers and sisters

  3. Thanks for making it clear we are certainly NOT allowed to use this, unfortunate how it wasn’t clear before

  4. Deleted 7 months ago by PapaNeon
  5. Edited 7 months ago by Venetorem

    You both knew what you were doing and you were both banned for reasons explained in your appeals. While a fix is now in place you broke the rules and you are being punished. Don't go getting upset because you knowingly exploited a flaw in the TP system.

    Thread locked.


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