shepherda's ban appeal

  1. 7 months ago

    shepherda's ban appeal

    IGN: shepherda

    Reason for ban: Not listening to staff

    Why should you be unbanned: I wanna start out by saying that this was not my best moment. Honestly, this was completely out of character for me, as people know I usually shut up when staff tell me too, and I look up to them. I want to apologize to Blackened_Dawn for not listening to her, and basically daring her to ban me. That was childish and immature of me. I want to apologize to 1Lysander for thinking and hoping I had changed and would stop when I didnt. I want to apologize to iwarriori for calling him out in front of everyone. I will not apologize for the behavior of Hollow_Dawn, as I did not ask him to go on there and say those things. I will let him apologize himself if he wants. I also want to apologize to the community for bringing drama and havoc to the server tonight. I hope I can get unbanned because this server actually does mean a lot to me. I was being immature, and I promise not to do anything like this again. I will say that iwarriori does say some mean things, but instead of bringing it up like I did tonight and not letting it go, I will ask him to stop, and if he doesn't I will ignore him. If he still does not stop, I will do what 1Lysander suggested. Take a screenshot and send it to a staff member. Again, I am so sorry that I let y'all down......again.

  2. Thank you, you'll be pardoned in 3 days.

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