Natzscho's Ban Appeal

  1. 6 months ago
    Edited 6 months ago by natzscho

    In Game Name: Natzscho
    Reason for bann: doxxing other players

    Why should be unbanned: I didn't want that info to hurt anyone with it, i just wanted to annoy VIP653 because he killed me 6 times in game and lost my stuff on all of them. I'm really sorry and I really like this server. I purchased vip recently and if i get banned it would be a waste of money. Real sorry for what i did

  2. Weird, when I want to annoy someone I maybe call them a name or two, drop garbage blocks on them, something of that nature. I don't generally go out and threaten to commit a felony.

    TPA Killing/Trapping is allowed
    It's up to you whether or not you make or accept teleport requests. Use the TPA system at your own risk, make sure you trust the players you are teleporting to. If killed and/or your base gets destroyed, its your fault.

    It sucks dying and losing everything, but that's part of the game. Being mad at a lego game doesn't give you the right to hold someones own information against them. Donating also doesn't make you exempt from the rules.

    you'll be unbanned in 7 days. I hope you learn from this, if you went any further with this it could have resulted VERY differently. I don't want to hear things like this again.

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