Unbanning Hackers...?!

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    Hello Everyone,
    So I know many of you or probably most of you wont agree with me but I just want to put this out there.
    In my opinion the server should unban hackers. Now I'm not doing this so I can get an unban because I think I've had my time on CraftyMynes but sometimes I read hackers' ban appeals' and it seems really sincere and true. Now some people act sincere and all but of course just keep on hacking but I think everyone deserves a second chance to redeem themselves. Now I think that a Hacker unban should be minumum 3 months maybe up to a year. Also if you can tell that there are just bullshitting then don't unban them. I think that if a hacker gets banned again for any sort of reason should still have the same rule (IP ban).
    This is not me making a ban appeal but rather my opinion on what I think should happen. I've also thought of that if you unban a hacker you ban all there other alts.
    After all we are all humans and make mistakes :)
    I think the server should at least test this or give it a go because otherwise your just not giving a people a second chance to show change and letting them redeem themselves.
    Thank you for reading this even if you agreed with me or if you didn't.

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    Humans do make mistakes, however that doesn't mean you don't get to deal with the consequences regardless if you own up to it. If they wanna redeem themselves, they can pay for another account and try again.
    Staff aren't babysitters so allocating resources just to watch all the the unbanned hackers isn't really feasible.

  3. What she said.

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