LouisVuitton8's Ban Appeal

  1. 3 weeks ago

    Name: LouisVuitton8

    Reason For banned: Chat Violation

    Reason To be unbanned: Well for one I was banned without notice or warning. I had to ask an admin on Discord just to find out why I was banned. Also, I was not aware that what I was stating in the chat was going to be labeled as political. Also, I would have appreciated it if a helper or Staff would have warned me. For if they did warn me then I would have simply ceased all chat regarding that topic. In addition the person that reported me on the discord, she was talking about "political chat". She was stating how Iwarrior would be president thus political chat. Why was I abruptly banned ? Thats a double standard.

    Finally I'm aware that the server is resetting, If you want to make my unban as long as you want then please do. I only want to be unbanned. I feel that I was banned unfairly this time

  2. G'day,

    Louis you've had more than enough warnings, bans and kicks for one person. A few days ago I gave you your last warning. To quote myself "If you have to be warned kicked for any reason you will be banned and I will be dealing with your ban appeal."

    What I don't believe any more is your reasons, time after time is this excuse or that excuse. I'm sick to death of your excuses, warning you, kicking you and watch you do the same thing time and time again.

    You have used up your chances here. The other Administrators and I have spoken on this and your accounts/IP will also be banned. Since you cannot change, you are no longer welcome on the server.


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