Big Money Bin™ Shulker Raffle

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm currently hosting a raffle! I am selling an entire double chest of shulkers! One random buyer will receive The Big Money Bin™, which is a Shulker jam packed with a bunch of goodies worth far more than your purchase.

    How's it work?

    An entire double chest has been filled with shulkers and one random slot was given The Big Money Bin™. Whenever someone purchases a Raffle Shulker, a Dropper will pick a random Shulker from its chamber and dispense it, which is the one you will be given. After that is dispensed a Hopper loads a new Shulker from the double chest into the Dropper. The winner will be announced after all Shulkers are sold. Could be the first slot, could be the last, could be anywhere in between!

    What are the contents?

    Standard Shulker
    (x16 participation trophies)

    The Big Money Bin™ #1
    (x10 Totems)
    (x64 Tier 3 Rockets)
    (x2 Elytras w/ Mending)
    (x1 Diamond)
    (x2 Emeralds)
    (x4 Block of Gold)
    Approx value: 132 Diamonds

    How can I enter?

    If you see me in game ask to participate! Each Shulker costs 10 Diamonds to purchase.
    There are 17 Shulkers left.
    Feel free to ask any questions!

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    huh, nice

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    Bumping this. Still 17 left!

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