QuantumRocket's ban appeal

  1. 2 weeks ago


    Jan 6 Suspended

    In Game Name: QuantumRocket

    Reason for your ban: Hacking + Botting

    Why should you be unbanned:

    First, I didn't hack. Hacking is trash behavior. It sucks the fun out of the game and ruins it eventually.

    No, what I did is much more refined. See, I want to build highways in the nether at y=15 all the way to the border in all 4 +/- x and z direction. So, I programmed a semi-assisted bot that would mine for me. Took me 3 days.

    But then, I wondered, what if I get banned? So, I left around 20 to 50 stashes (ill let you guess the real number) with fully enchanted netherite pickaxe and shovel, a stack of steak, and an iron armor. I did this for the last 2 days. And good luck going back to where I went if that's your intention since I intentionally spammed .wild over 500 times and put around 300 fake stashes.

    And this morning, dear admins, I did get ban while botting. But what you don't realize is that I am a college student in quarantine. I have nothing to do except to finish those highways during the holidays. And I will finish them.

    But oh no! You IP banned me! Well too bad I have an undetectable VPN. I also have around 50 alts (all legit I swear). Ill buy some more if need be.

    So admins, please don't unban my main. I really don't need it anymore. I will take much more pleasure in the cat and mouse game that will ensue in the next couple of weeks while you see me finish my project and evade every single one of your bans. I would pay a lot to be able to read your concern while you scout the x and z axis and ask yourself ''Is this one of Rocket's bot? Or is this just a regular player..''


  2. Edited 2 weeks ago by DonCake

    Botting is a form of cheating and puts you in the same category as a hacker for giving you unfair advantage over other players who play the game as intended to be played.
    Also, I saw you x-raying ancient debris, so don't lie that you did not use it.

    There's nothing refined when it comes to cheating, you're just making a fool of yourself.

    I won't even comment on the rest of your statement.

  3. Ill be waiting, clown. :)

  4. Ok Liam Neeson

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