Crafty Caves base tour

  1. last year

    Hello everyone! Here is a nice base tour i made with SEUS PTGI HRR TEST 2 shaders (ray tracing shaders) and the PATRIX ressource pack :)
    Sorry the quality isnt great but its the first time i edit a video lmao. Somhow the quality drops when i upload. I did the best i could ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Looks amazing! Fantastic work!

  3. What an awesome project. The terraforming here was terrific

  4. what texture pack is that?

  5. Crazy build :o

  6. 11 months ago
    Edited 11 months ago by JackyBoy__

    Just found this place, crazy, thanks for the wither heads, nice stash aswell, I liked the diamond blocks 10/10

    Also I like how many beacons there are I am going to take every single one

  7. Damn. had to happen one day....

  8. gg

  9. Still one of the best builds I’ve seen.

  10. best base ive ever been to

  11. Agreed, truly amazing. But all good things come to a end. Sorry for finding it, but when you got all that loot infront of you, you are not going to leave it untouched.


  12. Edited 11 months ago by GooseOnAMoose

    Yeah i did leave alot lying around for show lol.
    Lucky ur the one that found it!
    Thx for the comments guys <3

  13. I am moving! if u want to visit the ruins coords are XYZ -36665 69 28276

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