ittzzjojo ban appeal 2

  1. 4 months ago
    Edited 4 months ago by iiTzZJojooo

    ign : iiTzZJojooo
    why i was banned : not listening to staff
    why i should be unbanned : i was given a warning and i was testing my luck,i can see why staff would get annoyed, that being said i wasnt exactly breaking any rules, the when someone says stop rule should only really work if someones being aggressive or spamming and there is a mute button which i use from time to time. simply asking questions should not be deemed ban worthy. i was asking poitnless questions from time to time but banning a player for asking questions no matter how irrelevant seems extreme. that being said i can see why i was banned and can only wish to be unbanned as i wont do it again, i am sorry it was rather immature in hindsight (maybe im being biased of my own opinion, but im not saying im in the right, there is rules after all)

  2. Thank you for your appeal. It seems like you left your hand on the hot stove too long - hope you learned your lesson :)

    You will be pardoned in 24hrs from now.

  3. Keep in mind Jojo that you don't have chances to burn here.

    Let this be the last time.

  4. You are repeating the past and as nysic said you dont have any more chances think about what you do more carefully

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