Custom Advancements?

  1. 2 years ago


    As you probably now know, custom advancements are now a thing as of 1.12. Could Custom Advancements be somehow implemented in the future for those looking for an extra challenge beyond those offered in the default advancements? If So, what would possibly be used as a custom advancement. If anyone else has an opinion, please state it below. Thanks in Advance, -AttackTeam

  2. Explore a certain percentage of the map; "the tourist"

    Kill a player, "no bots about it"

    Kill 10 players without dying ; "you can't have infamous without famous. "

  3. Collect one of everything that can go in a pot; "constant gardener "

  4. successfully kill a player using a dispenser; "artillery master"

  5. Maybe there could be a custom advancement for getting a certain amount of total votes.

  6. "Mr popular"; get 100 votes

  7. @Czechmate "Mr popular"; get 100 votes

    That's what I just said...

  8. Yeah it was a good idea I was just giving it a name. :D

  9. first to log in the server "you win do you want a medal now?"

  10. Nice

  11. "Melon Mania" eat over 100 melon slices

  12. @TheForgotten20 first to log in the server "you win do you want a medal now?"

    I got an entire collection

  13. Haha

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