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    Are you sick of being alone? Want a Role Playing community/ self sustaining community? Then Bastion is the place for you! We are currently offering three rooms up for bid. You must meet the required components to enter the base. We do not offer rooms to those who have been known to undermine bases, groups, or attack without being provoked. So please contact for details.

  2. Suggestion: screenies with shaders :)

  3. Huh?

  4. I suggest posting some screenshots with shaders so people know what the place looks like. :P

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    So you're telling me that you made a faction, but you provide no information about it, players pay to enter instead of making an application and almost anyone can enter so everyone has a large risk of getting raided? You don't accept players that are known to everyone as raiders, although there are lots of new players that raid, also raiders could use alt accounts

  6. You know...there is always that one that likes to point out the obvious. Perhaps I should name you captain Obvious.

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    Image didn't work

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  12. The area will have a park/garden area. Storage areas, living quarters, and attractions. All which will be auctioned to individuals to own and control once they move in to Bastion. It has a solid economy and currency. Message me for details.

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    I'm so famous, I can die in peace now :)

  14. looks v nice

  15. minesy

    7 Sep 2017 Suspended

    could i bid?

  16. Its time to get schwifty in here... :)

  17. IF interested you may message me

  18. minesy

    8 Sep 2017 Suspended

    message you on craftymynes, discord, or here?

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