Harvestar news! Over a year old!

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    It feels great making one of these again. And its hard to believe that it was only a year ago that this Guild started out as a small group in the 1.9 server who slowely but surely,would become awesome mates. It took us a couple of explosions, deaths, failed bases, facepalms, more explosions, and recruits but hey, alot of shit is expected to happen in over a year. To put that in perspective...

    All of this happened in a year

    Number of bases lost:56

    Number of deaths:7509

    Number of smoldering craters:2487

    Number of hours played by all members:105120

    Number of regrets:∞

    Number of buildings made:alot

    Number of arrows to the face:99999

    Number of sleepless nights:I lost count

    Number of forum posts:84773
    note: some of these statistics may be made up

    Jokes aside, Im glad to be able to play with a gang like this with a click of a mouse as great memories have been made with each other, good times have been had, and freindships have been made. And I plan on staying active for awhile to hopefully make more great moments.

    Heres to great times ahead!
    This is BoneChi11er, signing off!

  2. SC will always be on yer side!

  3. @BoneChi11er
    Number of bases lost:56

    hol' up

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    Regrets: none

  5. that's the LA clippers coach

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    @Sofatroll hol' up

    note: some of these statistics may be made up

  7. -image-

  8. @BoneChi11er Number of bases lost:56

    Still raided less than NN

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  10. Sorry, who is "hob" again?

  11. The Holy Order of the Bread

  12. Must be so inactive. "Never got raided" eh? Probably because no one knows what/who your faction is! lol

  13. Congrats on 1 year!!

  14. OK my faction is known and I don't let random people join, so I the faction won't get raided

  15. Congrats on the 1 year, let's hope it's many more

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