does any one know any history about this banner?

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    so i found this banner a long time ago like my first month of cm, and i still dont know any history about it! so if you know any history about it could you tell me plsease? thanks! ~mineseyecraft

  2. dunno

  3. Well, not every banner has some lore behind it, maybe it's just a normal banner that some random folk made :P

  4. minesy

    Oct 15 Suspended

    Ik but I was at a vault

  5. 4 months ago

    Been here 2 years never seen that banner before.

  6. Not all banners have importance behind them, it might have just caught your attention for the design aspect, because that happens with most unusual things like that in general.

  7. minesy

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    i geuss

  8. Looks like a top view of a hamburger

  9. minesy

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  10. minesy

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    rich person tho creeper head on it

  11. almost looks like a Christmas wreath, was it from a Crafty Crate?

  12. Someone typed "cool minecraft banner" into google and crafted it.

    That or it was in a December CC.

  13. Probably some randos banner. Never saw it before.

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    You remember where you found it?

  15. I think i know but i'm not sure.

    I stumbled across a base with that exact same banner, it looked like they lived in different time zones so they communicated in signs. They changed their name from idk what to "The different". There were some signs that talked about moveing because they have been getting pressure from another small faction.

    That's all i know.

  16. As Chris said, that banner belongs to an ancient small civilisation, now probably gone extinct due the rivalry with other tribes, you got a real archeological masterpiece bud!

    I’ll buy that for 10 DBs

  17. minesy

    Oct 16 Suspended

    @HaloNest really?

  18. Yes, I’ll buy that banner

  19. minesy

    Oct 16 Suspended

    okay will you be coming on soon?

  20. Yea

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