does any one know any history about this banner?

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  2. 4 months ago

    I just found it out, it was a CraftyCrafty 2016 Christmas banner. I have the exact same one buried in one of my shulker boxes

  3. minesy

    Oct 17 Suspended

    oh lol

  4. Edited 4 months ago by 2Chill

    @HaloNest ell, not every banner has some lore behind it, maybe it's just a normal banner that some

    random folk made



  5. Edited 4 months ago by WBlaine

    @2Chill -image-

    Come to think of it, the banner looks like a crop circle :o I think we are onto something

  6. minesy

    Oct 18 Suspended

    @2Chill -image-

    lmao XD

  7. Hahahaha

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