1. 8 years ago

    Fix the server lag plz. its so unbearable. I died to some pleb with no gear on because I kept getting kicked like everyone else on the server. I somehow logged on after I tried to relog from full health and I was dead. Flowerly was my witness and couldn't do anything because of the lag. My connection is great but cant do shit on the server.

  2. I was there. The lag was indeed unbearable. KingJrod couldn't even log in and I couldn't even hit the persons who were attacking.

  3. Cute. Refer to this thread:

  4. last year

    you can play on the server now, it has no lag because there are under 10 players. its really fun when chunks are finally loading!

  5. Please refer to my comment here: https://forum.craftymynes.com/236-red-army-rewards

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