Qfu's renovation services

  1. 11 months ago
    Edited 11 months ago by Qfu

    Renovation is an art

    gapple pvp is dumb

  2. Ow, the emoji stock images

  3. 10/10 would renovate again

  4. Rock solid renovation

  5. lol it would take one hour fer me ter eat a magic meat in arena, Clean kill btw

  6. Edited 11 months ago by Qfu

    Bonus clips !!!

  7. I used to play sadness and sorrow on Ocarina a lot
    It's a nice song

  8. Edited 11 months ago by 2Chill

    Chicago music with clean audio no swearing , its just not music at that point ;/
    p.s. check out wooski computers remix and fbg duck slide.

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