Notch Apple for sale

  1. 8 months ago

    Auctioning off a Notch God Apple I was lucky enough to find. Last map they were valued around 10 to 15 DB. As a side note i do need elytras and shulker shells and beacons so combined offers of equal value will be considered. Good luck to all, my money is on Iwarriori he usually ends up buying all my apples somehow, lol

  2. Has it sold yet?

  3. still available please post offers here.

  4. 10DB

  5. Armor got set

  6. 12DB

  7. sold for 15db in value and diamond ty all for bidding

  8. who placed that bid?

  9. My phone did. I guess my phone is rich and I'm not. It ain't fair! :(

  10. 7 months ago
    Deleted 7 months ago by HoomanResources
  11. it sold for 15db?! well'p if i ever decide to sell mine, i guess i will have a good retirement fund lol

    i have low wealth standards, i am poor lol

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