totems of undying for sale

  1. 6 months ago

    Ok just raided a woodland mansion. 2 totems of undying for sale. buy 1 or both, make offers

  2. both 10db

  3. 12db for both

  4. here we go again


  5. i fel they should be worth 25db each because the last one went for over 30db. i suspect their value will continue to climb. however i do need 4 beacons and shulker chests and or shells. so i will consider combined offers of equal value

  6. @humfrydog

    I did mine in the manner that I did simply because I needed DB for orders, so I wasn't going off economy value in the slightest thought kept it reasonable. Totems would defentinally be worth 25db+ individually, though if you only got two keep some for yourself, they're a very rare commodity, but you do you

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