Loot from a 5k strip mine

  1. 2 months ago
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    Traveled in a straight line for 5000 blocks using this pattern:

    (2x1 tunnel with 1x1 peek holes every 3rd block)
    This is what was acquired:

    PS: took about 8 hours, next time ill keep better track of time ;)

  2. ...thats really good.

  3. I do love data

  4. Want to sell some dias to me?

  5. @FieryPhoenix64 Want to sell some dias to me?

    Im about to buy a beacon with em

  6. @Th3GreenGamer I do love data

    Keep in mind I only went out of my way to mine diamonds, emeralds, gold, and lapis, the coal, redstone and iron was just collateral

  7. Curious what that picture was extracted from

  8. ah my favorite way of mining. i also have luck this way. i think it’s called branch mining.

  9. @Tez1010 Curious what that picture was extracted from

    What do you mean by that? the picture of the Shulker chest was taken by me and the picture of the strip mine pattern is a google image.

  10. Edited 2 months ago by Tez1010

    I meant the google picture. Thanks.

    This is the best way of mining diamonds i know. it exposes the most blocks per block dug. Branch mining is a good name for it - i tend to call it pokey holes.

    I usually mine in a straight line though. Less efficient on diamonds but you find more mineshafts.

  11. Yeah, this is very close in design to my strip mining operation I have at another location. This is a good set of images to show the simple analysis of this dig pattern. I was digging an adjacent shaft every 3 blocks, but this one does it every 4 blocks, and appears to being still yielding great results due to how the ore chunks are built/generated in the map. I will probably implement this new method you showed next time.

    Great stuff. Thanks so much for sharing!! Appreciate it. :D

  12. I'm considering trying a few other types and compare the time/ore collected and see if there are any better options, Ill do another 5k this weekend, if you have a strip mine pattern you want me to test out lmk!

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