The Last guy out of Phoenix Rising Central HQ

  1. 2 months ago
    Edited 2 months ago by Valgys

    Hi guys, it's been awhile. But I logged on where I last left off (Phoenix Rising Headquarters) and to my shock, it's in ruins! Darkness and water everywhere. I ran through the base seeing all the ruins and then imagining what they must have looked like in its heyday. It’s best described as awakening from a long sleep and seeing the residents have vanished, and I wandered the ruins looking for clues as to what happened...

    I guess it's nice at least no one touched the janitor's closet.

    RIP Phoenix Rising Central HQ

    Phoenix Rising Central Pt2

  2. Oh! Valgys! You were the guy who did the rank sales ages ago weren't you? I thought I reconised that name.. Welcome back!

  3. Nice to see you around again, Val! :D

  4. So is this the place to dump my screenshots to?
    Here take this

  5. @Sofatroll yes go for it.

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