bgmg's staff application

  1. last year

    In Game Name: bgmg

    Age: 20

    Time Zone: UTC - 5.00

    Strengths: Friendly player that likes to meet new players and create communities. I am also online quite a lot apart from tough study periods. My building skills can come in handy sometimes when helping others or simply for the sake of making massive creations :D In general I like being helpful, bringing players together and always getting better, learning from past mistakes.

    Weaknesses: As I am still a student, I might be very active some weeks whilst others not - I am currently in Canada for studies and thus either driving across the country or studying for finals / projects.

    Why you are Applying: I am amazed at how this server has so far been the best survival experience yet in my opinion with a non-toxic chat, balanced mechanics, and great community. I want to help making sure the server keeps getting better as well as expanding the community for the better. I believe I can accomplish this task and contribute positively to it's well-being overall.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 60M + other seasons (map resets)

    Custom Note (optional): What thrives me the most is meeting new players, introducing them to CM, and making sure they understand how the server works, how communities are built, and from time to time bringing them together for player made events or town building. Some of these factions are now strongly rooted in the community and it can only get better from now on !

  2. Application approved

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