"no trolling" Can some one define it?

  1. 3 months ago

    I am wondering If calling players greifers in chat is considered trolling?

    someone brought it up yesterday. that what i do in chat to get players angry, might be considered trolling. and trolling in chat is said to be against the rules?

    is it ok to continue; as long as I stop as soon as I feel i have taken it too far or if any helper or moderator asks me to stop?

    or should i stop trying to make people angry in chat?

    can i make players angry in private chat?

    i am still just super upset that i got greifed and probably should take a break. but I am just wondering if i can continue greifing chat or what the definition of trolling is in the practice proper chat etiquette

  2. Welp I obviously can't say for sure, but my own rule is to mess around until the person you are "trolling" or staff explicitly tells you to stop. If you notice whoever your griefing gets a little to heated (spamming in chat or going over mild cursing) you might wanna slow down but once again, this is just my opinion.

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    It's usually at the discretion of the staff on at the time. If they think you are being overly disruptive, they'll ask you to stop, and if you don't, then well banned. I don't think there's a set definition unless they've come up with one since I was staff. Basically don't be overly an ass and you're alright.

  4. Ask yourself this when you think youre trolling, are you being disruptive to chat or being a continuous nuisance? if so youre likely trolling,a few things can slide by, alot of ppl like to troll others just as a way to mess around and dont take it too far however when it starts causing issues with a player or multiple others then its time to cool it down. If its targeted to a specific player and they ask to be left alone do so or it falls under harassment they can then report you and you will be told to leave said player be. Youll always be warned before a ban over chat rules unless it something more severe.

  5. I troll Gibson every day and he never reported me to admins, so idk xD

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