Rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.

  1. 8 months ago

    Hey all, so I'll update when I no longer need, but I am buying cobblestone for the forseeable future. Have some, need approx 1500 stacks. Smelted stone is also fine.

  2. What's the project? I can supply 3 double chests of cobblestone as well as smooth stone

  3. She needs approximately 28 double chests of cobble. What in the name of god are you building xD

  4. I suspect it is a road from one edge of the map to the other!

  5. Lol no no, I'm making a stone brick mansion with garden and fountain. Been practicing with other builds- made a few pixel arts, a krusty krab, and on my single player account, been playing with building Notre Dame. Now gonna try to make a large castle on here. It'll be roughly 70x80x35 for the house, then the surrounding grounds. :P This gon be fun

  6. Jkeller- omg that definitely sounds like something I'd do, but not this time lol. But now you have me thinking of making Oz and the Yellow Brick Road for a good distance... maybe on the reset lol

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