Redstone machine to help with bridges?

  1. 7 months ago
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    I want to build a bridge. I can shift to walk to the edge and build. but some times lag can make this dangerous!

    What i want to build is a machine that I can place a block in front of an observer. then the observer will trigger to move forward. so i can place another block in front of it and it will move forward.

    this way I can stay a couple blocks back at all times so that if lag occurs and it takes a second I will not fall to my death.

    but my solution seems to not work at all. even in theory I get stuck in an infinite loop.

    I have a piston to push the observer forward, and a piston to push that piston forward and a piston to push that piston forward and a piston to push that piston forward and a piston to push that piston forward and a piston to push that piston forward and a piston to push that piston forward...................Error end of universe...

    Please someone who is good with red stone machines can you help me. maybe i am missing something.

  2. Keep in mind that there's a limit to the number of blocks that pistons can push. I think that it's something like 10? It would likely take a flying machine with dispensers that have lava and water buckets timed perfectly to have the bridge-making machine work infinitely.

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    It’s 12 I believe. This could be possible if we had lavalogged blocks, but currently there is of course no such thing. If we did there could be a cobblestone generator that would work by pushing along lavalogged blocks near waterlogged blocks with delay so it could make cobble. Maybe with the nether update coming up? But I doubt it.

    Edit: Also you can’t push dispensers.

  4. I sorta figured it out.

    using the first simple flying machine.

    instead of the front red stone block. i put a observer so the out put is on the sticky piston. and connect it with slime blocks to where the slime block is in the front.

    this way as i place a block against the observer the machine move forward one. then i can place a block again against the observer.

    this allows me to notice if there is server lag because the machine will not move forward.

    so i do not have to worry about accidentally building a block and walking on it only to have it disappear with lag.

    this shows the back side, which is mostly the normal simple flying machine


    this shows the purple pur pur road plus the observer


  5. 8 weeks ago

    I know this for the overworld, but there's a similar contraption that automatically builds a cobblestone path in the Nether

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