Net Neutrality

  1. last year

    I was wounder one thing, what would happen to this server if we lost Net Neutrality.
    As this server is located in Canada. Other factors such as Microsoft or Mojang might make a difference.
    What would change?

  2. i dont think you should worry about it.
    it was an issue last year but nothing ever happened, neither will this year :)

  3. You better fucking hope nothing happens. They've already voted to repeal it, we're trying to save it via Congress.

  4. Think that problem only affects North America or whatnot, Not the entire world anyways, thats what i've heard atleast

  5. It's only a problem in the USA as far as I know.

  6. I doubt it would keep you from playing on the server but it does anger me that they are attempting to repeal it.

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    It can and will affect those outside the US. Not only will it set a precedent for others to also repeal it, but it will affect you any time you try to access a US hosted service.

    Also @EnderConstructor when you gonna buy ink my man?

  8. While it could have an effect on US-bound traffic (Most DataCenters would probably move all but local services if it was charged on the providers, end not the customers) it's more likely they will charge the consumer for faster access tiers to certain services.

    I'm not sure it would set much of a precedent either to be truthful, in most countries the communications industry is marketed as a national resource for the people and regulated as such meaning free-market style measures like this which actually hurt competition are unlikely to be implemented.

  9. We Americans need this also. greedy corporations and there minions are pushing to take away our net neutrality so they can charge us more for less. its crap and it should be considered a public utility along with be governed by free speech. twitter, google and youtube are all censoring what we see based on their personal politcis ad views, But we are supposed to be the land of the free and brave with freedom of speech and news without censorship or propaganda.

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    The Net Neutrality abolition is a scary thing. In my perhaps learned opinion, it is the seeds for a dystopian future. And I do not say that lightly. Service providers limitting the information you see is one of the first steps to a tyrannical corruption. Contact your senators. There are ways to fight it.

  11. This disgusts me. Net neutrality is very important to me and a majority of Americans regardless of political affiliation.

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    Internet for me already costs an arm and a leg. I live out in the country not a city and I pay $100 dollars a month for about 1mbps download speeds(my package says from 10-20). Along with that I get massive ping with from 80 at night to 300+ in the day time with constant fluctuation. I hear legends of cities with low ping and fast download for a decent price for what you're getting but i have yet to personally have such a plan. I have gotten 35MBPS and 14 ping in a hotel before but not at home :/
    Wifi speed tests have shown 27 ping and 4.7mbps but I've never gotten that low ping in MC at home. I also have never reached that high speed in downloads when I download a game off steam. When it shows average it can show 1mbps last steam game my peak speed was 1.3 I've never even reached 2 mbps. -image-

  13. Can't you use a VPN to bypass ISP regulations? That would make the net neutrality issue a lot less of a problem.

  14. @_Confederacy_ Can't you use a VPN to bypass ISP regulations? That would make the net neutrality issue a lot less of a problem.

    Yeah if you pay an additional fee of 9.99$ a month!

  15. I, for one, cannot await the abolishment of Net Neutrality, as I will no longer be able to see your complaints and protests, as I will be the only one paying for the Premium Edition McDonalds Communication Suite.

  16. @MistakeMade -image-

    I know how you feel about this man. I have a 20 mbps and I get barely 12.
    It's funny how it doesn't even feel like it's 12. More like yours right now.

    It's bullshit because the internet package is combined in a 3 in 1 thing.
    You know, phone, internet and TV and other shit.
    Otherwise, I'd go individually for internet and phone & Mr. TV I never watch in one.

    Like that, I can order 50 mbps or more just for internet.
    I miss the 120 mbps in Germany. Fast as fuck man, downloaded a movie in 2 mins lol.

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    America's internet speeds are almost comedically slow.


  18. @OtherGreenGamer Don't use my speed as a precedent to label all us ISPs as slow. I have an ISP near me that offers 100mbps but they don't offer it to people out of city limits like I am.

  19. Don't use a speed test service like that, most of them are designed to show false results because they're owned by ISPs. I use Google's. Just Google "speed test" and it'll ask you if you want to run one.
    I'm okay with this speed but it's only barely good enough for YouTube and if someone else is watching something on the same network sometimes it bogs everything down. Downloads are okay but certainly not fast enough if I was in a hurry. America's internet speeds aren't very comedic if you live here, they're absolute shit and getting rid of net neutrality will only make things worse. Yay.

  20. On the contrary, the ISP is the only person who is really capable of measuring your actual throughput, the methods used by internet speed tests can be affected by a number of factors that aren't network speed related.

    That said Ookla and Google are solid speed tests, however they far from the best which is definitely
    due to the fact it's HTML5 and that reduces a lot of mitigating factors in speed tests.

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