Ronjobs Ban appeal

  1. 6 months ago


    8 Dec 2019 Suspended

    Reason for ban:Hackusating
    Reason I should be unbanned:I have no clue where I did this if u got real proof of it im pretty sure i know what ur talking about and for that guy i do actually have proof for so #UnbanRonjob

  2. I will reply to this appeal as I am the one who banned you.

    I had given you a fair and final warning about accusing people of hacking in general chat as you can see in the picture provided. With your thoughtful response, I know that you did indeed see this final warning.

    Two days after this warning was given you then accused someone of hacking in general chat. Which you can see by the picture provided.

    For your clear lack of appreciation for CraftyMynes rules on this matter, as well as the lack of regard for the final warning that had been given to you, I banned you. As this is your 3rd ban, this will be a 7 day ban from the time of this response. If you continue to break CraftyMynes rules, you will be subject to a permanent ban.

    It is my hope for you that in the future you take CraftyMynes rules more seriously. Happy Myning!

  3. To be a little more clear on what "hackusating" is, it is any time you say that someone is hacking on chat, reguardless of proof. Doing so brings attention to the possible hacker that someone is onto them, making it harder to catch them. If you do infact have proof, pm staff thats online, or make a player report on the forums/discord. There is no reason to publically call players out in chat.

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