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    Hi all, haven't been on in a while. If this has been done to death in the several months since I was last on, sorry. There's nothing on the first page of General.

    Coming back to Crafty after trying a few other places, I see things have kind of become a bit worse. Not quite as bad 1.14 in its heyday, but still not great. Here's what it appears that players on CM have to accept now:

    • inventory lag
    • low server render distance
    • poor chunk loading still
    • no rain
    • 2 hour restarts

    All 5 of these things are compromises to play on vanilla software.

    The low render distance and (especially) the inventory lag make the game uncomfortable to play. Honestly when you go back to non-inventory-lag play, it weirds you out for a while. Meanwhile did the render distance get reduced sometime in the last year? Or have I just become used to better? The missing rain sucks for trident owners; the chunk loading sucks for ely users. The restarts... aren't a huge deal I admit.

    There are servers out there without so many sacrifices.

    I can't name names (per CM rules), but I'm on one now with zero of the above compromises. No invent lag, render distance is 10, no chunk loading issues I can notice, rain, and 24 hour restarts. Mob count is completely healthy; I encountered 30 on one screen and, quite unlike CM, new mobs spawned ahead of me quickly and continuously no matter how much I ran from them. I couldn't run to safety (and learnt the hard way).

    Note that I'm not blaming anything or anyone for CM's performance other than the vanilla MC software itself. But I feel like it's worth considering plugins again. I've previously been in support of one way, then the other. But now I feel convinced the pros of vanilla software aren't outweighing the cons.

    FWIW the server I'm referring to is running BungeeCord-Bootstrap 1.15.

  2. Hah, No. Go away.

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    BungeeCord isn't a server hosting software, it's a server connection proxy plugin that connects several Spigot servers.

    What you mean to say is that the server you were on is running Spigot, and, of course, Spigot is more optimized than vanilla. This is an age old question pondered upon by players whether CM would switch to Spigot.

  4. A semi vanilla switch would be grand

  5. I've been experiencing the same issues, mainly the inventory lag. it would be nice if these issues were fixed. I don't know if this is a problem with the software the server is running on, but I agree, it would be nice if this stopped.

  6. Its vanilla coding. Until Mojang gives a shit (not likely) vanilla will always do poorly with more than a handful of players online. Would be nice to have semi vanilla but I personally don't mind either or.

  7. The plan was to switch but I work 24/7 and just don’t have the time or resources to make such a large change. There’s a lot more to think about than just changing the jar file.

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