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    I suggest the server give free diamonds to everyone because it is such a hard resource to get. I consider myself a Mynealist, so everyone should have equal access to diamonds. If you say otherwise you are rankist scum and you are part of the problem.

  2. Preach it brotherman

  3. +1

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  5. We must rise up as a people against the top 1% of players!

  6. So you are against me then.....

  7. @Louis_Vuitton So you are against me then.....

    No! On the contrary, I am saying that we must unite as a people!

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    Of what use are diamonds?

    Cure some zombie villagers, breed them, make tool smiths and black smiths and various other villagers.

    buy all the diamond tools and armor you need from them!

    However i do agree, down with the 1%, if we grief the 1% they will no longer be and there will never again be a 1%. wait there is always a 1% so attacking the 1% means we are trying to accomplish the impossible and we will forever be miserable.

    I got an idea, we could cure zombie villagers and have all players join the diamond club, that would be something we could work together and accomplish!

  9. Let's not talk about politics and political ideologies please.

  10. Yes, I feel offended why are people so against wealth well to do people?

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