Grateful Memories

  1. 7 weeks ago
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    As we go into a new chapter in the server's history I just wanted to post a collection of builds, moments, and memories I have been lucky to witness in my relatively short time here.

    My first decoration home:
    The Ghast Party:
    My Melon room:
    BoonkGangBarracks: (About two weeks before it was destroyed)
    My First Home:
    A Mooshroom Infestation:
    Wealth Room:
    Dejean and Densortninja Raid
    BIG Phantom
    My Criminal Record:

    While there are so many other memories, moments, and builds I could show off I don't want to keep this too long. I've appreciated every single one of the memories and friends i've made and I can't wait to make many many more!

  2. aw lawd he comin

  3. Mmmm mooshroom invasion!

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