high KD? Hack calling?

  1. 4 weeks ago

    When someone does "kd?" to show the kills to death ratio. when there are no deaths and a high kills, the comment it states is " I CALL HAXX"

    Now i super enjoy seeing that comment so i hope it does not change. however we do not like players accusing others of hacks in public chat and i kind of feel it to be bad forum for the server to have an auto trigger hack accusation in public chat. it seems to suggest that it is ok to call hacks in public chat.

    I am hoping other players can chime in with reasons why it is ok. Maybe everyone knows that the server saying it is ok and that it is only players who should not. maybe some players agree that this could be confusing line to follow for new players?

    So my suggestion would be finding a different statement for players with high kills and low deaths just to make it easier for players.

    Again I do enjoy seeing the statement, kills 129 deaths 0 I CALL HAXX, it is super fun to see. so I am not really sure if this is worth changing. And I might be the only one with friction with the statement.

    p.s. I do love seeing the kill death ratio it does make me smile.

  2. I also really enjoy it when it pops up in chat. It almost feels like the best kind of compliment you can give in a pvp game. Personally, I don't see an issue with it simply because of how it's presented. The all caps and the xx spelling of it definitely feels like it's being said jokingly and the overall tone of it is very lighthearted. For me at least, the server saying it in an obviously joking manner is perfectly fine and nearly every player that has read the rules or been on the server for a bit should be able to understand the difference between the server making a joke and a player making an accusation that could cause someone to be kicked or banned.

    It feels like a super minor issue, if at all, but if anyone has an opinion on this, I encourage you to comment what you think about this.

  3. I am agreeing with compos on saying this does not make the server look good.
    We strictly forbid hackusating, whether or not its jokes; the server (which we, staff represent) should not be exempt.

    i have seen smaller issues like this degenerate into bigger ones in the past because of the classic "why can he do it if i cant", and imo, this would be good trigger material for this.

    so if i'd be given a vote, id vote to change it.

    but i also agree, this is super minor, and hasn't caused problems in the past (that i'm aware) so i guess its not that much of a big deal either. but i'd still change it :)
    im shur we could think of an other funny compliment.

  4. change it to "i call kill aura and criticals" for maximum meme potential

  5. Edited 4 weeks ago by GibsonAxe

    Theres a few differences in how the subject is used, when someone is "joking"about using them and its unclear whether they really are or not, the ones that troll saying they or a friend are cheating to get staff on them and those that accuse someone yet have no proof of the accusation whatsoever, these are some examples of the ones we dont want as it causes unneeded work on behalf of staff.
    The hacksucating thing is frowned upon because calling someone out gives them a heads up and can make staff job harder as the player may now be more careful knowing they may be caught, thats why we tell you to instead contact a staff member and not just call it out in chat, joking about it where it is very obviously a joke is fine when it isnt out of hand some examples are when a player sees an admin flying and calls "hax" or when a group of players jokes about it with eachother be it due to someone being good at pvp parkour or etc.. (and again its very obviously them joking) in this example they arent calling on staff to get them or trying to convince others, theyre just kidding with eachother in a way thats not problematic, in a sense that is what the server response is, a joke that is obvious to all and has no need of being looked into and therefore not an issue.

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