Turisuto2K's Ban Appeal

  1. 6 months ago

    In Game Name: Turisuto2K

    Reason for your ban: Xray

    Why should you be unbanned: So I was mining sparastically and I found diamonds, but at that moment I was killed by an admin.
    After that he gave me no warnings of why he killed me or anything. HE kept spawn killing me in jail and didnt tell me why. I was getting confused and angry then they banned me for xraying. I was not xraying, I know how to find diamonds. I was using the coordinates tactic, where if ores arent at on location then their at another. there was no hacking or cheating going on in my mining session. I also was given alot of stuff by someone and they should get it back if youre gonna ban me for no reason.

    Your Unreasonably Banned Friend

  2. You were blatantly xraying diamond and iron. Very original and unique defense though. Never seen anything quite like it.

    Appeal denied.

  3. 5 months ago

    lol. "If the ores aren't at one location then they're at another"

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