ok couldnt figure out how to reply

  1. 8 weeks ago

    full story:
    1lysander was on i said can u kick me and they did just cause i said. Short time passes varvana joins and right when that happens i wrote carvana.com in chat, got kicked. joined back wasnt think put like smeyers.com then got banned since you didnt buy my story. Might have been one other mod on besides 1lysander too i cannot remember

  2. G'day,

    You were breaking chat rules before the server banned you (it's part of the reason the server banned you). The requested kick has not been taken into account when deciding your ban and is irrelevant. Your ban still remains in place.


    • does a thing *
    • gets kicked for doing thing*

    "You know what a good idea would be? Doing the same thing again"

    • does thing again, knowing you got kicked for doing it before*
    • gets banned*

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