How reset will the map be for this update?

  1. 2 weeks ago

    The incoming Tales & Trails update makes changes to desert structures and adds the cherry tree biome. It also adds new items to the nether that in the new version, are needed to actually make netherite equipment.

    With the update in its pre releases, im curius as to how much of the map will be reset or expanded for these. Will we be journeying in search of exotic lands for this update or starting out fresh? Thanking anyone in the know in advance for news on this.

  2. "we currently have no plans to reset the map"

  3. last week

    Our trusted source @ThePhoenix indicated there will be a reset for 1.20 right when the update drops!

  4. We are aware the update is a thing, but no decision has been made. Yes I know that was the expected answer, lol.

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