Stuck in Adventure Mode outside of spawn?

  1. 7 years ago

    Mainly an FYI to Crafty.

    I warped out to LifeLongStew7 who was about 2k out in the nether but I was unable to interact with any blocks and my name was still in grey. I logged out, deleted my assets, logged in - nothing seemed to fix it. Then after about 6 ot 7 min it corrected itself. I cannot correlate the correction to any event but my name went back to Cyan and I could break blocks etc.

    I have warped before with no issue (from Nether spawn in this occasion).

  2. This occasionally happens when warping from different dimensions I believe it's due to the nether spawn not always being loaded and therefore the command blocks inside it not being activated.

    To fix it generally all one needs to do is Teleport to spawn and Re warp to the location you wish to visit.

  3. Yes, it's a limitation with the fact that the command blocks that change your team are in the nether spawn, and the nether spawn is not always loaded like the overworld spawn. All it takes is someone to load up the nether spawn, or use [TP Spawn] in the nether. The reason you were unable to correlate the fix to an event is likely a player entered the nether spawn and loaded the command blocks that switch your team.

  4. 4 months ago

    i cant leave outside of spawn though? its just empty void all around

  5. Ugh, Please refer to my comment here:

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