1. 8 years ago

    Hey everyone,

    Please take a minute to fill out this survey which can be found at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZGGX3H8

    Thank you!


  2. done!

  3. DOne too

  4. Done.

  5. done

  6. Good questions. I'd be interested in seeing the results. Also wondering the top regular players who have joined and stayed on this server the longest!

  7. Ooooo me as well, I would love to see results, that would be awesome.

  8. done :)

  9. last year

    i cant fill out the survey... it says "We can't find the page you're looking for..." i really want to help the server out with my feedback

  10. Please refer to my comment here: https://forum.craftymynes.com/236-red-army-rewards

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