The Selfie Thread!!

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  2. 3 years ago

    @bSan420 I'm the only bearded here?


    I also have a beard however i don't feel like posting

  3. -image-

    Here's 1 out of 2 of my dogs, Lilly!

  4. -image-

    and 2 out of 2 of my dogs, Buttercup!

  5. Your friendly neighborhood Kinkybobo in the flesh!

    Me in the 8th grade because its hilarious and everyone needs to see this

    Me and my girlfriend sophomore year in high school

    Me and my girlfri... oh wait shes my wife now that's right! Present Day =D

    She doesn't play herself but sometimes she hops on and farms for me lol
    Nice to finally meet y'all in person... sort of XD

  6. That's awesome Bobo and you should totally coax her into playing on the server with us :)

  7. Y'all look gr8

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  9. Edited 3 years ago by CraftyMyner

    All you people are awesome xD thought id do the same.
    Me and Le Girlfriend.
    And lee cat.
    Yeah I'm new but I'm in it for the long run aye such a good community. hope im not to late lol

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  11. Cute cat ;P

  12. Lol. thanks for fixing that up for me Nysic xD

  13. Made them images not links :D

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  15. -image-
    thought id post some pictures of my cat. Hes called rambo lmao.

  16. @silverstorm20 What colour are your eyes? The lighting makes them look cool as shit.

  17. Awe @_Gnome_Child_ cute cat!

  18. @afritz9500 that last photo was right before he attacked me.

  19. He looks cute. Hes probably mean just like you.

  20. lol

  21. Just kidding

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