1. last year

    I traveled far this time and started building again.
    Just finished the basic frames and wanted to share a picture before I start touching it.


    Hopefully, this time, it won't be found long enough for me to finish building
    I'll update again as I go

  2. Wow, that's huge! Nice work so far! You're a brave one making such an ambitious project above ground!

  3. what texture pack do you use

  4. Damn! those shaders / the black and white look make the castle badass xP!

  5. we have cobble to donate if you need some

  6. I am jealous! Its gorgeous!

  7. Edited last year by Cileklim

    Looks mysterious with the shaders but that would be great if you could post a more clear photo since I'm interested in the details

  8. @sknup Chroma Hill

    @humfrydog I'll take em!

    Here's one with better weather
    and here's one without shader

  9. *goes on a mission to search and destroy*

  10. @Carl_Sagan1 -image-

  11. Update:
    about 20% done

    Also, selling obsidian for 1db per stack.
    Price negotiable for order bigger than 2 stack.

  12. Wow looks amazing

  13. 20%?! This is one onlf the best vanilla builds i've ever seen! Godd job, keep it the good work!

  14. @ExoticButterz_ 20%?! This is one onlf the best vanilla builds i've ever seen! Godd job, keep it the good work!

    You should see Strangers Company's build then

  15. Edited last year by xeniac85

    Made some progress, but detailing is painful.
    Idk if I'd ever get to interiors.


    Some close ups:




    Night time:

    Tried the custom sky pack. I like the nightsky, reminds me of Joshua Tree park

    I'll keep updating, so check it out time to time.


  16. did you use other blocks besides stone and cobblestone on the walls and towers??

  17. Love it.

  18. The nighttime picture reminds me of Hogwarts

  19. Whoa dude. Thats amazing af

  20. Stopped detailing for awhile... It was getting tedious.
    Working on clearing surrounding to fill it with a garden, path, etc.
    Here are some pictures of work in progress:

    Cleared about half of it.
    I could use a hand with the rest...Let me know if you get bored while I'm on.
    I can pay with dia for help. I'll also name parts of gardens after your name.
    Special thanks to Wblaine and Qfu who helped.

    Disclaimer: The land that needs clearing will be a lot bigger than you think...
    I'll post more when I make some more progress.

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