Selling God Gear:Buying Iron and Enchanted Books

  1. 2 months ago

    Selling Godsets: 85 Diamonds per set
    Individual Armour prices:
    Helmet: 25 Diamonds ( Prot 4, Ub 3, Aqua, Res 3,Mending)
    Chest: 20 Diamonds ( Prot 4, Ub 3, Mending)
    Leggings: 20 Diamonds ( Prot 4, Ub 3, Mending)
    Boots: 25 Diamonds ( Prot 4, Ub 3, Feather Falling 4, Depth Strider 3,Mending)
    Note:Curse of Vanishing will cost 5 diamonds per Armour/ 100 altogether diamonds for the whole set

    Selling God Tools:
    Swords: 27 Diamonds ( Sharp 5,Fire Aspect 2, Ub 3, Looting 3, Sweeping Edge, Mending)
    Bows:27 Diamonds ( Power 5,Flame, Ub 3, Punch 2 and either Infinity/Mending)
    Pickaxes: 27 Diamonds ( Eff 5, Ub 3, Mending and either Silk/Fortune 3)
    Axes: 27 Diamonds ( Eff 5, Ub 3, Mending, Sharp 5 and either Silk/Fortune 3)
    Shovel: 27 Diamonds (Eff 5, Ub 3, Mending and either Silk/Fortune 3)
    Note:Knockback can be added for swords, Curse of Vanishing will cost 5 diamonds per item

    Selling Sugarcane, Pumpkins, Melons, Potions (Msg us your offers)

    • Message DS77_7,Jerent,MysteryBoi your offers when we are on
    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Buying Iron ( 16 Iron for 1 Diamond)
    Buying Gold ( Msg us your offers)
    Buying Enchanted books:
    Mending: 4 Diamonds
    Unbreaking 3: 4 Diamonds

    Have a nice day <3

  2. I'll take a pair of shoes plz and 2 books of unbreaking 3.

  3. Edited 2 months ago by Jordi223b

    I'm interested in buying 1 god set for 2 stacks and 23 blocks of iron
    (We could get more exact and add 1 more iron ingot to the trade)

  4. ill buy 25 god sets

  5. Ill take 2 swords.

  6. @Rybye ill buy 25 god sets

    We will get your order done as fast as possible =D

    @Grassling Ill take 2 swords.

    Just message any of us when we are on to get the swords

  7. Nvm dont need em anymore

  8. Deleted 2 months ago by DS77_7
  9. Deleted 8 weeks ago by DS77_7
  10. I will buy some stuff when I get unbanned (6/18 at like 12:00)

  11. 8 weeks ago
    Edited 8 weeks ago by sparklez_and_pop

    I would like to buy 1 mending book, 1 god set of armor, 1 god sword, and 1 god bow with mending, but no punch(Can I get it at a discount if i get it without punch?)

  12. I'll buy a god sword

  13. also what times are you usually on?

  14. I'll buy a set.

  15. A sword and a set coming up, I dont have an exact timing of when Im on nowadays but I'll keep a lookout for you, if not feel free to msg one of my basemates
    (No need for iron anymore)

  16. As my basemates seem to have stop playing for a bit, I'll have to stop taking orders for a bit so I can get everyone who already ordered theirs first

  17. 7 weeks ago
    Edited 7 weeks ago by Rybye

    Can i buy books for god armor? I need 4 reap 3 books and 4 aqua affinity books

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