Forum Should be Faster!

  1. last year

    Let me know if you see a difference, the forum should be faster as I have just upgraded the specs to 8gb of ram, 4 cores and ssd vs hdd.

  2. Edited last year by R4iscool1

    Opening threads is definitely faster now.
    Loading of the store and other categories too.

  3. Yeah, I was hitting ram and storage limits, more should be cached and kept in ram.

  4. Indeed faster now, good one crafty.

  5. its faster for me sweet

  6. Edited last year by JuraraJupiter

    Insane difference, well done. Much more responsive.

  7. I noticed a few issues but I just figured it was my computer's fault.. crazy big difference!

    Much thanks :)

  8. Much better on my iphone

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