2 Day build - Space Station

  1. last year

    Granted, i have creative, i still issue a challenge to all builders on the great server of CraftyMynes.
    Build your best build within a few days
    Im anxious to see anyone accept this challenge

  2. I love this place it's amazing <3

  3. That's not a moon

  4. love the build! is the white blocks concrete or wool?

  5. Edited last year by Venetorem

    And just realized i didnt take pics of the airlocks

  6. sick man!

  7. did you make that on CM

  8. @banaanzxcvbnm did you make that on CM

    @Venetorem Granted, i have creative

  9. yes

  10. Well I built this in 2 days

  11. ...wow

  12. its gold sweetness on my eyes when I see beautiful builds like that!

  13. Nice build! :o

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