optifine preview is out

  1. last year

    ok so a preview version of optifine 1.14 is now available. I downloaded it and will be testing it.
    link text
    its under preview versions if interested

  2. WELL that was a flop its not compatable with 1.14.1 so dont bother trying

  3. how to get hyped & unhyped in the same 5 minutes

  4. Edited last year by Xenial_Jesse

    Using this as an excuse to post some pretty shots.

    The shadiest farmer/dealer ever:

    Just a nice scene:

    Whiteworld shader option:

  5. What's the texture pack?

  6. Edited last year by Xenial_Jesse

    PureBDCraft - https://bdcraft.net/downloads/

    Some Optifine-only features it has:

    • Glass and ore blocks join up (so large glass areas are nice and clear)
    • Grass and gravel overflow onto neighbouring blocks
    • Colour variants for most mobs (guessing about different 10 creepers, random headless zombies and lizardmen zombies, occasional white wolves, etc)
    • Skeles carry quivers, spiders walk taller

    They released the 1.14 version, but haven't updated the villager skins yet. "Soon".

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