1. 8 months ago

    Just want to say sorry to all our dedicated players who got caught up in the chaos. We had a spammer using bots with very dynamic IP addresses which required me to turn up the threshold on our VPN/Fraudulent IP check. A few players got falsely identified and got banned. We also adjusted the chat filter to be a bit more sensitive causing a few other players to be banned as well. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Big thanks to the staff and everyone who persevered during these hard times!

  2. A true Craftymynes patriot that loves his server is admitting his mistakes! If only everyone could be like you Crafty, the server would be a better place!

  3. Crafty bless his soul, a true patriot of the server who put everything on the line to defend his homeserver from the invading hackers and spamming bot scum.

  4. There was another spambot attack 2 days ago

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