Peepee poopoo

  1. 8 months ago


    22 Sep 2019 Suspended

    Hello, leave all your hate or possitive aspects towards me here, than I can improve on those aspects. Staff, please dont close this conversation its my choice to hear it.
    Ill be less active for the people who want to know (school + toxicity)
    See you guys next time!

  2. Fairwell to one of the best to ever play. A true Craftymynes patriot that loved his server!

  3. me me like the title of this thread

  4. Crafty bless DeJean. He left his mark on the server positively without hacking unlike that scum JSlone who claimed to love his server. DeJean is the prime example of a CraftyMynes patriot that loves his server and community.

  5. goodbye DeJean and thanks for being boonk gang's best member!

  6. Come and say hello from time to time. I for one will miss you on the server.

  7. DeJean

    28 Sep 2019 Suspended

    Its not that im leaving immediatly, its gradually, for now im still going to be active. So no worries :D.

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