Rude and thoughtless staff.

  1. 5 weeks ago


    Jun 7 Suspended

    I hope everyone on this server realizes this server is being run by a bunch of ignorant children that have no idea what they are doing, they are disrespectful and careless. I was banned for something I did not do and was never shown evidence and to this day I get disrespected because of a label that a clueless staff put on me, sad.

  2. You were banned for xray, you got told no twice, and threw a tantrum.

    We don't want you here, good luck somewhere else.

  3. Edited 5 weeks ago by Nysic

    You also admitted to using it in your last appeal? So you got banned for something you did, you admitted it and now you didn't do it? Very odd indeed.


    X-ray Texture pack,

    Alright so I know you caught me using a x-ray texture pack and yeah I admit that...

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