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  1. last year

    So a week or two ago, I was notified by an admin that I had too many entities (chickens), as I didn't know there was a limit. My bad. He killed a bunch of chickens, and didn't leave me with the raw chickens, which would have been a nice gesture to a relatively new player. Then I made sure I was keeping my chicken count at or below 100 to my best ability to count. Another admin, papaneon, reaches out and says I am slightly over 100, so I go in and kill 16 chickens then asked in chat if that was response. I asked again, no response. Then I come back 1.5 hours later and find my whole flock of chickens wiped out, down to 11, with no raw chickens left. This leaves me extremely frustrated AND confused. 11? After I tried asking if I was within the rules? His only response was that I was not under 100 (I was) and that I have to count mobs I can't see/didn't create.


  2. G'day,

    I was the original administrator that went to your base, when I removed all the chickens (763 total) I did leave some signs to inform you why I I killed them. I also left the entity count and I put 30 chickens back.

    Please understand that excessive entity's lag the server it's why we control them the way we do, that being said the fastest way to remove them is to teleport them into the void. This will explain why we don't leave the final products over.

    Prior to your chickens being removed staff spent up to 40 mins trying to get your attention to fix the situation involving myself. Since you were unresponsive I removed your chickens.



  3. Edited last year by PapaNeon

    As I explained in-game, Press F3 and look for E: #/# in the top left section of the F3 menu. The second number should be lower than 100.

    The first number represents how many entities are currently in your view, the second number is how many entities are loaded in the area around you, be that hostile mobs in caves, passive mobs like chickens, cows, pigs, armour stands, dropped items like eggs in your chicken farm etc etc.

    That being said, you can use F3 to basically look for entities through walls, letting you do things like dig to areas with lots of entities loaded, and light up the caves to help control it, anything under a light level of 8, also found in the F3 menu, can allow hostile mobs to spawn.

    I generally don't care if it's a tiny bit above 100, after all there's only so much you can do about it, but between the 700 chickens Nysic voided before and the 300 entities you had loaded the last time you logged out and in I'm gonna step in. I took a little bit to light up most of the caves and tunnels around you as well, that should help a little bit.

    I left more than enough chickens for you to breed them, I also noticed you have almost 2 double chests completely full of eggs. You aren't in a hard place for food, I didn't leave you with absolutely nothing, I don't see the issue.

    It isn't hard to not spawn 98 chickens at a time.

    PS: at the time of writing this, your entities are 121 (all of which are entirely within your chicken pen) and 141 loaded in the area around you.

  4. The first time, I get it, I was just spawning chickens like crazy, 700 is obviously above a limit I wasn't aware of. The second time, I was < 100 chickens and trying to pick up eggs at all times to keep entities down. When I logged off a few mins ago, there were no eggs and I was at 90 entities. I'm not surprised that if you're on there, several eggs were laid causing it to go to 121. You told me in chat it was 175, which is higher than any number I ever saw, and then you come here and say 300? C'mon....

  5. There we go, all chickens dead, nothing for you guys to worry about. Peace

  6. Edited last year by PapaNeon

    The Encounter with the 175 chickens was about an hour before the 300 entity encounter.

    I went at the request of a moderator on that the time, it was over 300. Again, as I said, 300 LOADED ENTITIES. Not 300 chickens. You left, I lit the tunnels, problem was solved. I also picked up the eggs, once again. You might be under 100 chickens, but 98 instead of 100 is not good enough when thinking about mob spawns.

    I cannot explain it any simpler than you need to pay attention to f3.

  7. Can I make some general comments on entities.

    They fall into two camps. Those which are player related and those spawned naturally. If everyone keeps their player related ones down below 100 and light the caves around their bases it really helps.

    Players are often not aware of what are entities and some indeed are not obvious.

    The player related ones are villagers, livestock, item frames, paintings, armour stands, minecarts, boats, loose items, and xp orbs. So for instance if you have 50 villagers sitting around in minecarts, or a ten by ten map you have eaten up your allowance.

    So I'm afraid you need to choose which you want. It helps if you spread those afk farm apart from each other. By all means breed a load of cows but make sure to cull them and not leave them chewing the cud. Catch those chicken eggs in hoppers. Keep auto farms to sensible sizes. If your grinder is super fast and furious, don't afk there, keep those mobs down and make sure you have auto disposal for the vast numbers of pearls end grinders generate.

    For the natural spawns, please light the caves around you. Admins will help with this if necessary. If you don't want it lit to stay hidden, then keep the player related ones down well below 100.

    Hope this helps.


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